Chest Pillow for Wrinkle Prevention

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The Chest Pillow is designed to support and cushion the chest and décolletage, preventing the formation of deep set sleep wrinkles and reducing strain while you sleep. 

The Chest Pillow is made of high quality silk-satin mix, for the ultimate softness and cushioning around the delicate skin of the breasts and chest. 

The Chest Pillow is designed to reduce the impact of compression that can lead to the development of sleep wrinkles in the chest and ​​décolletage regions. 

The pillow’s unique design reduces the impact of compression and can help to reduce the impact of muscle strain through the shoulders, neck and chest. 

The Chest Pillow can be used to provide cushioning and alleviate pain experienced during periods of breast tenderness, sensitivity during breastfeeding or in post surgery recovery. 

Sleep wrinkles are formed by compression on the face and body. We place about 5kg of pressure on our face when sleeping on traditional pillows, and certain parts of our body experience greater amounts of pressure while we sleep. Our chest and décolletage regions can experience heavy pressure or, might experience asymmetry depending on how you sleep. We spend one third of our lives asleep, reduce the pressure on your face and body with effective use of support pillows to prevent sleep wrinkle formation and asymmetry. 

What is a Pillow Bra?

A pillow bra is designed to cushion the chest, breast and décolletage area, to reduce the formation of sleep wrinkles and asymmetry. The Chest Pillow supports tender breasts and can be especially useful during breastfeeding or in post surgery recovery. The Chest Pillow is designed to sit comfortably on the chest, providing relief from sensitivity and removing the strain often felt across the muscles of the shoulders, neck and upper back. 

You can clean your breast pillow via wiping the fabric with a damp cloth.

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